Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Medicare for All handbook - Get it from Single Payer Now

Handbook for Medicare for All, HR 676 and S 1804

Yours for $25

Single Payer Now recently had an educational meeting on S 1804, the new Medicare for All legislation introduced by Bernie Sanders.

We prepared a 90-page booklet on HR 676 and S 1804 for the meeting.

The booklet contains the language of S 1804, the language of HR 676 that is the Medicare for All bill introduced by Congressman John Conyers, Jr. 

The book also contain a one page synopsis of each bill, a comparison of the bills to each other and the current list of co-sponsors of each bill.

You can order the booklet by sending $25 to:

The ESIFund

PO Box 460622

San Francisco, CA 94146


Thank you.

Don Bechler

Chair – Single Payer Now