Monday, December 11, 2017

CALIF!! Join the SB 562 Statewide Activist Call on Wednesday, December13th! Sign up now!

Healthy California
Healthy California
Dear Single Payer Now Activist,
With Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress ramming through their tax scam bill, undermining the ACA, and potentially threatening the future of Medicare, it's all the more urgent that we pass SB 562 and work to guarantee healthcare for all in California.
Join an important call with the California Nurses Association to hear about the strategy and plan to win SB 562 Medicare-for-All as we enter the next CA legislative session, which starts in January.
We will discuss the Select Committee hearing, look ahead to 2018, and discuss the next steps you can take to get your state legislators on board.
SB 562 Statewide Activist Call
Wednesday, December 13th at 6pm
P.S. Already RSVP'd? Forward to a friend or group!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Medicare for All handbook - Get it from Single Payer Now

Handbook for Medicare for All, HR 676 and S 1804

Yours for $25

Single Payer Now recently had an educational meeting on S 1804, the new Medicare for All legislation introduced by Bernie Sanders.

We prepared a 90-page booklet on HR 676 and S 1804 for the meeting.

The booklet contains the language of S 1804, the language of HR 676 that is the Medicare for All bill introduced by Congressman John Conyers, Jr. 

The book also contain a one page synopsis of each bill, a comparison of the bills to each other and the current list of co-sponsors of each bill.

You can order the booklet by sending $25 to:

The ESIFund

PO Box 460622

San Francisco, CA 94146


Thank you.

Don Bechler

Chair – Single Payer Now