Thursday, May 10, 2018

CALIFORNIANS - THIS WEEKEND MAJOR MEETING RE SB562 and all things single payer...

PNHP - Bay Area
Health care is a human right!

May 7, 2018

Help build the single-payer movement among health care professionals, students, and in the community!

San Francisco Bay Area PNHP Chapter Meeting

Saturday, May 12
10:00am - noon

Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California
1433 Madison Street
Oakland, CA 94612

Close to 12th Street BART or Lake Merritt BART
Parking in lot and on street (map here)

Following the meeting, we invite you to join the March for Our Health ( a rally for health justice at 1:00pm at Oscar Grant Plaza (also known as Frank Ogawa Plaza) outside Oakland City Hall.

The SF Bay Area chapter will provide lunch for attendees staying for the March for Our Health. Please bring your own water bottle for the march.

If you can't make these May 12 events, please contact us by email to find out how you can participate in our ongoing work in education and advocacy.


Jeff Gee, M.D.
PNHP California

Physicians for a National Health Program - California
© 2016

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fwd: REMINDER: SB 562 CALIF Statewide Activist Call TOMORROW (3/21/18)! Sign Up Now to get Updates from the Nurses!

California Nurses Association
California Nurses Association

We wanted to make sure you got this important email below! Please sign up for this Spring statewide update from the Nurses on SB 562 and what the plan is to win Medicare for All in California! See below:


Hundreds of you joined a statewide call in December to learn about the strategy to pass SB 562 and secure Medicare for All in California. Since then, we've continued to knock on doors, canvass at grocery stores and farmers markets, make phone calls, and more. 
Since then we've also endured months of sham hearings from the Assembly Select Committee. A month ago, over 800 of us showed up in Sacramento to pack a key hearing in the Capitol. 
Unsurprisingly, we're under attack in the media and by the Select Committee which just this week finally released a report with conclusions from their series of hearings. They called for "a variety of ways to lower health care costs and reduce the ranks of the uninsured" rather than the single payer system we so desperately need.   
Join an important call next Wednesday, March 21st with the California Nurses Association for a strategy briefing on our plan to pass SB 562, and to learn how you can get involved to help us win Medicare for All in California. If you haven't gotten involved yet, don't worry -- this is a great chance to get started. 
We know their patchwork, incremental proposals won't solve our healthcare crisis. We've said all along that the Select Committee was an attempt to stall actual progress on SB 562 -- and we were right. Now more than ever, we need to push back. Together, we can win this - but we have to keep the pressure on.
This is an important opportunity to get an update on strategy, organizing plans and your role in the campaign to pass SB 562 as we enter a new stage in the fight.
We know they are feeling the heat. At the recent California Democratic Party Convention in San Diego, the Sacramento Bee reported that Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon had to avoid the convention and instead hold private meetings in his hotel because of "the nurses public shaming" on Medicare For All. 
Thanks for everything you are doing. It's definitely making a difference. 
Holly Miller and Don Nielsen
California Nurses Association
P.S. Already signed up? Forward this email to a friend or group!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

CALIF - Select Committee report released & key upcoming events!

Healthy California

Guaranteed Healthcare for All Californians

On Tuesday the Assembly Select Committee on Universal Healthcare released their report from months of hearings exposing our healthcare crisis and healthcare models from around the world. Unfortunately, but as expected, this report was used to dismiss SB 562 and instead promote various alternative healthcare proposals. We have answers to every critique of SB 562 and call for the bill to move forward to a committee hearing so we can have this debate and where, unlike the Select Committee, the bill could be amended, voted on and moved forward. We know SB 562 is the most comprehensive and effective way to control costs, save billions and guarantee a single standard of care to all in California. If we are to pass guaranteed healthcare for all, we need that work to start now and not be further delayed. 

It's disappointing that our elected leaders are spending so much energy finding ways to do anything but pass guaranteed healthcare... but the best way to respond to these political maneuvers is for us to continue to the keep on the pressure!

Join and mobilize for these events coming up!
(And click here to add your zip code to find out events near you)


Canvass & Petition Events:

Saturday, March 17th

Sunday, March 18th

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

NoCal PNHP Bay Area chapter meeting, Sat. March 10 at 10am

PNHP - Bay Area
Health care is a human right!

February 28, 2018

Dear colleague,

I hope you can attand our next chapter meeting. A reminder and agenda will follow. Please save the date.

San Francisco Bay Area PNHP Chapter Meeting

Saturday, March 10
10:00am - noon

City College of San Francisco
Multi-Use Building, Room 251
50 Phelan Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112

Two blocks from Balboa Park BART station
(map here)


Jeff Gee, M.D.
PNHP California

Physicians for a National Health Program - California
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Monday, December 11, 2017

CALIF!! Join the SB 562 Statewide Activist Call on Wednesday, December13th! Sign up now!

Healthy California
Healthy California
Dear Single Payer Now Activist,
With Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress ramming through their tax scam bill, undermining the ACA, and potentially threatening the future of Medicare, it's all the more urgent that we pass SB 562 and work to guarantee healthcare for all in California.
Join an important call with the California Nurses Association to hear about the strategy and plan to win SB 562 Medicare-for-All as we enter the next CA legislative session, which starts in January.
We will discuss the Select Committee hearing, look ahead to 2018, and discuss the next steps you can take to get your state legislators on board.
SB 562 Statewide Activist Call
Wednesday, December 13th at 6pm
P.S. Already RSVP'd? Forward to a friend or group!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Medicare for All handbook - Get it from Single Payer Now

Handbook for Medicare for All, HR 676 and S 1804

Yours for $25

Single Payer Now recently had an educational meeting on S 1804, the new Medicare for All legislation introduced by Bernie Sanders.

We prepared a 90-page booklet on HR 676 and S 1804 for the meeting.

The booklet contains the language of S 1804, the language of HR 676 that is the Medicare for All bill introduced by Congressman John Conyers, Jr. 

The book also contain a one page synopsis of each bill, a comparison of the bills to each other and the current list of co-sponsors of each bill.

You can order the booklet by sending $25 to:

The ESIFund

PO Box 460622

San Francisco, CA 94146


Thank you.

Don Bechler

Chair – Single Payer Now