Wednesday, December 2, 2015

SF,CA - Report from Nat Healthcare Strategy Conference

Report From National Healthcare 

Strategy Conferences

Sat. 3pm, Dec 12

2940 16th St


I hope you can attend our Dec 12 meeting in San Francisco.  A dynamic panel will discuss the state of America's health, and what projects activists are organizing to win universal healthcare.

See leaflet below and attached. 

We encourage you to post the attached leaflet in a coffee shop or worksite.

And we encourage you to forward this alert. 

Please let us know if you can attend the Dec. 12 meeting. 

___ I plan to attend the Dec. 12 meeting.

___ I can come early (2:30) to help set up.

___ I will post a leaflet.

___ I will forward this alert.

Thank you.

Don Bechler

Chair – Single Payer Now 


Report From

National Healthcare 

Strategy Conferences

The State of America's Healthcare Movement


A panel of activists who have attended the Physicians for a National Health Program, Labor for Single Payer, and the Healthcare Now meetings in Chicago at the beginning of November.


Alan Benjamin: Exec. Bd member, San Francisco Labor Council

Art Chen, MD: President of Alameda & Contra Costa Medical Assn.

Leslie Ann Fuchs, MD: Medical Director, Home Care Advisors 

Michael Lyon: Member of Gray Panthers and the California Alliance for Retired Americans. 

Jonathan Meade: Co-chair SEIU 1021 Medicare for All Committee.

Matthew Musselman: Touro University, DO/MPH, class of 2019

Binh Nguyen: Patient Advocate

Li-hsia Wang, MD: Member of Physicians for a National Health Program.

Don Bechler: Chair of Single Payer Now.


Sat. 3pm, Dec 12

2940 16th St

(one block east of Mission St and 16th St BART)


Event sponsored by Single Payer Now & the ESIFund

For more information call 415-695-7891 or email


Healthcare Yes, Insurance Companies No       


labor donated posted 12-1-15

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