Friday, June 10, 2016

Sign Petition Now to Tell Democratic Party -- Support Medicare for All!

Campaign for a Healthy California
Campaign for a Healthy California

Sign Petition to Win Medicare for All in CA

Healthcare is a Human RightWhile the nation's primaries come to a close, the national debate on how to fix our broken healthcare system continues. Please join the Campaign for a Healthy California, National Nurses United, Labor Campaign for Single Payer, Progressive Democrats of America and Healthcare-NOW! to call on the Democratic Party to include Medicare for All in the official Democratic Platform, which will be voted on at their convention July 25-28.

The United States spends over 2.5 times what other industrialized countries spend on healthcare—and while they cover everyone, we still have millions who cannot afford medications or go to the doctor when they need to. We know 58% of all Americans support and 81% of Democrats support Medicare for All.Those numbers tell us that Medicare for All should be a part of the Democratic Party platform—but it will only happen if we make our voices heard!

Here are 3 steps you can take to get Medicare for All included in the official Democratic Party Platform:

  1. Sign our petition here to tell the Democratic Party that it's time to support healthcare for all!
  2. Submit your written testimony/story to the Democratic Platform Committee on why they need to include Medicare for All in the official Democratic Platform here.
  3. Send your video testimony/story on why we need Medicare for All via Skype to the Democratic Platform Committee here.

Strong collective action is the best way to build a better healthcare system that includes all of us.

Sign Our Petition Today!

Thank you for taking the time to make your voice heard!




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