Friday, August 5, 2016

Why Singlepayer was removed from the DNC platform

Despite our best efforts, single payer didn't make it onto the 2016 Democratic platform. Caving to calls for party unity, the Sanders campaign backed out of filing a minority report, which would have forced a floor fight over the platform.

While we're disappointed with the outcome of the platform fight, we're thrilled by what this primary race has done for our movement.

This incredible grassroots response to a candidate running on "Medicare for All" has connected thousands to the single payer movement and given renewed energy to our organizing. Over the past couple months, Healthcare-NOW has grown in membership by almost 50%!

            The Medicare for All workshop at the Democratic National Convention

It's difficult to overstate how significant this is for us; a 50% gain rivals the increase we saw during the fight over the Affordable Care Act. Much of the credit here goes to all of you who capitalized on this moment by going out into your communities to talk about single payer and get signatures for the DNC petition. Thank you.

This is the kind of work, carried out by dedicated supporters in their spare time, that paved the way for an insurgent such as Bernie Sanders to offer up a serious challenge to the establishment. We've inspired millions to stand up, challenge the corporatism of the Democratic party, and put single payer back on the agenda - where it will stay until it is passed.

Stephanie Nakajima
Director of Communications

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